New Guinea Pig Sows

This past weekend, I drove up to VA to get some breeding pigs from one of my fellow Homesteading Today meat Guinea pig raisers. She was selling out her stock and rabbits to repair her house. I got 28 guinea pigs for $60. I also got to spend time at the Smithsonian with Mommy Jane. Well worth the drive.


This is a pregnant 2.35 lb sow, she is Peaches

This is Creme. She had a litter of three shortly after she arrived. I think it was a stress induced labor, as all three babies died.


Blackberry is a 1.47 lb girl.


This is Blueberry, a 1.57 lb sow


This is Raspberry, a pregnant 2.07 lb sow


This is Buffy, a pregnant 2.07 lb sow


This is Abby, a 1.47 lb sow.

There are many more pigs to introduce, but these are the girls of breeding age.


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