More New Babies!


Late afternoon today, both Cookie and Charcoal gave birth. There was a total of 8 babies! Sadly, only 3 of them lived. Based on where they were grouped, both girls had 4, only 1 of Cookies ( I think) survived, a grey and white one, and two of Charcoals. One is a lovely brown, the other looked like an Oreo cookie, with a belted middle.

Four is a lot of babies for a first time pregnancy, and since the Boar was Roan… I may have had some guineas that had roan in their recessive genes. When you breed roan to roan, it results in lethal babies. Either that, or inexperienced mothers. It is hard to tell.

I am only using solids from now on as boars.

I will need to do some research into guinea pig birthing and coloration.


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