Lone Hay Bale

I really like the lone hay bale in the middle of a thunderstorm. I

I really like the lone hay bale in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Another one of the prairie storm shots. Once again, not nostalgic for Kansas, but maybe missing the fact that i could stand on the pickup truck and see 100 square miles in all directions. Living ni a major east coast city, I think I miss being alone. I mean, working on my homestead in my yard gives me a great deal of pleasure, and I am alone… but, there is no breeze to temper the humidity, and my neighbor could see if she really wanted.

I can hear the wind in the grasses, and see the variations in the light that cast multiple colors on a usually drab landscape. The grasses and prairie I felt I got just how I wanted it right away. Though, this picture didn’t do the hay bale justice.

Something about my moods lately cause me to either focus on the dark, moody skies, or the bright, shining lights of sunsets. The latter I feel is kind of cliche. But, I think that the one thing that fascinates me is trying to get clouds right. Clouds are just so expressive (and I know that I sound crazy), but metaphorically, they can actually represent every emotion that I am feeling.

I don’t believe that you can get clouds wrong though… But they sometimes don’t match the composition of the picture.

This piece actually went through several iterations of the sky. It started off way too blue, then the textures didn’t feel right. Then I added a lot of purples and dark grays, and this made me feel as though the colors popped correctly.

These clouds are puffy and low hanging, both ominous and looking like a cover. It is especially uplifting to see the slight pinkish tone following the tail end of the storm.

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