The Clarjo Rabbitry

I spent a ton of time in the last week and a half setting up my rabbit operation… Including cage building ( I love wire and J clips), grow out pens setup, and shuffling everything around in the carport. But, I thought it was time to introduce my mini-rex trio.


My buck, Spodosol is a 6.5 lb monster with freckles. He is super soft and fluffy

This is my buck, Spodosol, who is 6.5 lbs. He is a hefty miniature buck, who has sired eight litters with these two does. This last batch was of 16, 7 with the white die, and 9 with the brown. There are only 4 females in the whole bunch, so this is a great guy for meat operations.


The brown doe, Alfisol

This is Alfisol, a small brown doe that is 4.5 lbs. She lives in her own doe cage.


My white doe, Aridisol

This is my other mini Rex, Aridisol, she has a brown nose and ears like a Californian, but is small and soft like a Rex. I like!

And, because we have Rex’s they get some amazing colorations. Even though most of the ones from Aridisol are brown like her, they are starting to have other colors in the brown. The kits were 1.47 lbs when I got them, and now they are at 1.75 lbs.


A stripe on the back baby

And here is more of the color variety and speckles.


A lilac colored baby

I have the setup for the breeding stock outdoors, but most are still camping in my carport. But I hung breeding stock on the chain link fence, as it doesn’t cost anything for now. Though, I will be adding a secure roof/shelter at some point in time.



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