Poor Chickens

A lot has been happening on the homestead front. An amazing Pocosin in foundations, free rabbits on craigslist, new breeding stock, deconstructed pallets into grow out cages… a failing incubation, and then some.

But the biggest news is the rain! All week it has been in the 90’s, high humidity, etc. Today, the heavens literally opened up. Rain gage says that over three inches of rain has fallen.

My poor meat chickens living outside with the awning and a tarp. This protects from reasonable amounts of rain… but even the tarp started collecting water and dumping it in on them. They look all pathetic, bedraggled, and soaked.

Their food is wet, their shelter is wet… and everything else is wet. They are too big to bring indoors again, so I had to improvise. I placed Rubbermaids over their food, and then covered a large surface area with fleece. Hopefully that stops the torrential rainfalls, or at least concentrates it to certain spots.


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