So, I had to move the incubation chamber into the spare bathroom with the too small sink and the funky toilet. It is the coldest room in the house. But now that the temperature is up in the 90’s, I caved and turned on the AC to 75 degrees. This is because the relative humidity outside is up in the 60-75% range. Because the incubation chamber was in the small laundry room (6 foot by 12 foot), it was VERY DIFFICULT to regulate the humidity as in the morning, the room was really cool, and in the afternoon and evening, the humidity was high, and so was the temperature. Even in this cold room, I managed to get the temperature steady between 100-102 degrees, and a humidity between 45-55% by this evening.

SO ITS GO TIME! I have the next 14 days to look forward to rotating the eggs 2-3 times a day. I first put them into the incubator at 8:45 pm.

And we are in the incubation at 8:45 PM.

And we are in the incubation at 8:45 PM.

This is a still air incubator made from a 33 gallon aquarium. The bottom two inches of the aquarium has a 12″ x 6″ concrete paver and two bricks holding up the 1/4″ mesh. The humidity level is raised by filling in the areas between the bricks (over a gallon of moisture in there). There is a towel placed on top of this mesh that have the eggs. I had an old reflective sun shield for my car that I cut up which covers three sides of the incubator, reflecting heat and moisture back onto the eggs.

I am really hoping that this works! I may have to swap in 40 watt bulbs, but I only could get the temperature up to 94 degrees with it. So, the 60 watt bulbs need to work. I have them hung above the container about two inches.


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