Fantasy Fjords

I guess I am surprised that it has been nearly a week again since my last post. In my defense, the temperature went from very cold (like mid 30s and below) to pleasant (like mid 60’s). I have been working A LOT on agility training with Clark. Several drills and sequences, and strength and conditioning (most of that is for me, not going to lie). I have also been studying judo, as it looks like I am trying to compete in my first ever match in a few weeks (if I don’t chicken out). I have also been brewing and baking with spent grain (bread is in the oven as we speak!).

That being said, I am trying to have SOME time for art. I got a brand new set of hard pastels, and pastel pencils for my birthday. I have yet to open the box, but am looking to break them out some time this week.

But, in my latest pastel art installment, I decided to look at more of a fantasy style of art (note the moon over the purple mountains). I was practicing a lot of techniques with this piece. I am pretty sure this piece was partially inspired by New Zealand’s South Island. Mountains adjacent to fjords (AWESOME word) with this turquoise like water flowing from glaciers upstream. However, the buff colored mountain range looks like something you would find in a desert. The different colors in the water reflect the turquoise like clarity of the water, as well as the overall depth.

How do you guys fell about the water?

I decided to go with a more fantasy landscape next to a blue mountain lake.

I decided to go with a more fantasy landscape next to a blue mountain lake.

Anyways, I guess it is back to my massive stack of unfinished pastel art (and cleaning the kitchen).


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