Bunny Love!

I think that my scale must have been broken when I did the first weigh in on the rabbits. (I have had nothing but issues with this digital scale).

The Dutch Rabbit Oreo – was 5.3 lbs (probable). Last time, the scale said it was too heavy to get a reading.

These are my baby Calis! I love them soo much!

These are my baby Calis! I love them soo much!

However, the little Californians only averaged 1.63 lbs each (for the three of them). This is only up 0.2 lbs in two weeks! I highly doubt this is true, as the bunnies have doubled in size! So, I think my initial weights are off a little bit (which said they averaged 1.47 lbs). The rabbit that died could have also been one of the heavier ones, throwing off my averages a bit. I really do love these guys. They run up to the cage when I open it, and love being stroked and cuddled. I have one that will be awesome in breeding if his conformation is good, as he is so friendly and loveable.

Black New Zealands don't make for lovely beauty shots

Black New Zealands don’t make for lovely beauty shots

The New Zealands have only gained 2 lbs in the last two weeks (so, 0.5 lbs each).  This could be possible, but I think they have gained more than that. However, they are averaging in the 3.9 lb range, with Deep Fried and Buttons being lighter than Cajun and BBQ (yea, named rabbits after what they would be used for this time).

Since the health inspector has come and gone, I was allowed to have the bunnies back down in the program building (for the first time). I am very pleased with how they responded. The girls and other counselors like the black bunnies more than the albino red eyes, which some people find creepy. There is only one and a half weeks of camp left. I plan on moving the baby whites back to the apartment closet, with straw, litter pans, and urine guards to cut down on smells. I think this, with an active charcoal filter can work wonders on the smell.

Who doesn't love a bunny

Who doesn’t love a bunny


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