My new Dog!

This is the brand new addition to my life. An Australian Cattle Dog rescue. His name is Banjo, and he was a private rehoming from a woman (and 9 month old baby) that had hives.

Banjo! New Australian Cattle Dog Addition

Banjo! New Australian Cattle Dog Addition

We brought him home 3 days ago, and things seem to be going quite smoothly. He seems to be very trainable (intelligent), and will hopefully make a good agility dog, a companion for Clark, and a herding trial prospect.

Speaking of Agility, Clark and I had back to back trials. He managed to get a Gamblers qualification, and put together a bunch of impressive runs (yea, 12 runs, 1 good enough to qualify.)

But, he really got his wheels going in the donation tunnelers course. I can’t wait to try our first team run with Judy and her Sheltie (two dogs running one half of one course.)


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