Return to Wicked Chicken – 7/7

Well, the rabbit cages have relocated to the horsebarns as of last week, even though most of the inhabitants had been eaten. So, this prompted a return visit to Wicked Chicken to pick up some more little bunnies for the girls to interact with. The horse girls (hired in, not camp staff, but AWESOME folks at Saddletree Stables) really love the new additions.

We added 4 Californians, 4 New Zealands, and 1 Dutch Doe (oops, a signal to get into breeding?)  The Dutch Doe (fully grown) was $6, and weighed in around 5 lbs.

Black Dutch Doe at around 5 lbs

Black Dutch Doe at around 5 lbs

The Californians were recently weaned $4.50 each, weighing in a  little under 1.5 lbs each (needless to say, SUPER popular with the girls, what with the cute and fluffy.) Probably around 4-5 weeks old.

Californians on Pasture

Californians on Pasture

The New Zealands were about 7-8 weeks $2.50 each, and weighed in at 3.4 lbs.

New Zealand Black Bucks on Pasture

New Zealand Black Bucks on Pasture

Not bad, $34 for 9 rabbits and 24.5 lbs of meat. Yea, $1.38 per lb. I can’t wait to grow these guys out. Some of the New Zealands will be ready very soon.

I also am planning on getting these guys out on pasture more. It is free forage, and we have plenty of clover. They will still, of course, be free fed pellets, and hay when they are indoors at night, but I would feel so much better knowing that they are happy, and free to be bunnies.


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