Adventures in Muscovies

This is the drake that I got for $9.50 at the auction

This is the drake that I got for $9.50 at the auction

My dog loves to chase these ugly ducks around the apartment complexes at Lake Lynn (some idiot released theirs). So, I decided to give him a taste of the uglies. Now, Muscovies are not related to other ducks, as they hiss like geese, and prefer roosting in trees. They also have meat that has a lean consistency of rabbit or beef. So, I wanted some for me, and was going to give the leftover carcasses to Clark.

I was really frustrated with the instruction that I got online for how to kill them.  I didn’t know the best methods to kill them, or how to pluck them, or anything.  I used an old pair of jeans, cut off a leg, and stuck him in it to keep him still.  So, I sharpened the ax, put him on the chopping block, and decapitated him.

I then cut off the wings and feet. I wanted to pluck it, but apparently, Muscovies are near impossible to pluck. So, I opted to skin it.  I started at the neck with a sharpened knife and peeled the skin off. Once it started, it came off fairly easy. So much for saving the feathers for crafting activities!

Once it was skinned, I cut into the cavity and removed the internal organs. Bagging up the head, viscera, and other organs for the dog. Once everything was cleaned and gutted, the carcass weighed over 7 lbs!!!

I then grabbed my knife and dressed off the breasts. Each of the breasts were over 1 pound each!

Bacon wrapped Muscovy duck breast anyone?

Bacon wrapped Muscovy duck breast anyone?

Since Muscovy is very lean, and removing the skin got rid of any fat that they would have.

Naturally, I fixed this with the world’s best food. BACON!

Bacon Wrapped Muscovy Breast

Preheated the oven to 375

I then wrapped the duck breast in bacon. I turned a frying pan on high with a bit of olive oil for three minutes crisping the bacon on the bottom.

Then, I put the breast (cooked bacon side down) in a glass pan and slid them into the oven.

I baked the duck for 10-15 minutes (until the bacon on the top turned crispy).

While the duck was baking, I sauteed mushrooms and onions together, melting a bit of blue cheese into it for a side dish. It was pretty amazing.

Clark, however, hated the slight musky odor of the duck. I tried giving him the large framed carcass, and he wouldn’t eat it at all. I managed to cut off some of the back leg, and got him to eat it the first day, but he refused to eat any more. I did clean another pound and a half off the carcass, fried it, and he ate it then. So, no more muscovy for the dog. Though, I may do it again for me!


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