New Youth Development Programs on the Docket

These are the programs I am running this fall for the Girl Scout Council… excited much?!?! You know it


Program 1:

Citizen Science:  Soil and Water Conservation in Action!

Make your mark on the world (and look good for those college admissions essays)! Eroded soil is THE most common stream pollutant in North Carolina, and this environmental science series (over six different sessions) will help you learn to counteract it. Learn about the causes and cost of erosion, and actually do hands on projects restoring an eroded slope for our camp properties. In this series you will learn about soils and soil conservation, how to select and plant native plants, be exposed to many different career fields, and design an urban landscape project to reduce runoff.  Participate in lab, and field experiments with North Carolina State University students, field trips to local businesses, and construction activities. Each girl will get a plant budget so they can design and plant their very own native plant garden!

Week 1

is the preliminary meeting. It is imperative that the facilitator understands the background  and group dynamics.  Topic included in this preliminary session includes:
• Development pressures in the Neuse River Valley,
• The association with population density and urbanization with poor water quality
• The concept of sustainability, and potential solutions to rainwater runoff
• Defining and understanding rainwater gardens

Week 2

is at Camp Mary Atkinson, then transitioning back to North Carolina State. Topics are heavily soils based, including:
• The basic functions of soil
• The physical makeup and texture of soil
• Measuring soil depth, slope, and contours
• Taking soil samples and portioning out research areas

Week 3

is at Camp Mary Atkinson. Topics are based on plant physiology.
• Native plants of North Carolina Piedmont
• Climate and rainfall variability over a five year period
• Plant adaptations to moisture and heat

Week 4

starts at Camp Mary Atkinson, and then involves a fieldtrip to a local supplier of native plants. Topics involve landscape architecture and design.
• Photographing and finding attractive plants
• Pricing out plants to stay within budget.
• Colors and design matter. Balancing shapes, sizes, flowering times, and heights.

Week 5

is at Camp Mary Atkinson, and is the primary drawing phase.
• Maintaining proper plant distance
• Balancing design with the other girls involved

Week 6

is at Camp Mary Atkinson, and is the planting day.
• Proper planting techniques
• Providing Educational Labels for the Plants


Program 2

Adventures in Research: Soil and Water Conservation Fun

Just what is soil and water conservation anyways? Spend the day with North Carolina State Scientists finding out!  Visit a real live field conservation lab, collect samples, analyze data in the lab, and help advance a research study at North Carolina State University. Parts of this can apply to the Adventures in Research Patch Program.


Program 3

Creative Crafts using Soils

Soils are not just dirt! Come out and experience storytelling and arts and crafts soils style! Hand sew your own bag, and then dye it with soil. Then use soils to create “beads” to make your very own earrings or necklace.


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