Composted Manure Heating System

Well, cold weather is going to fall this weekend. We are looking at nightly lows in the 20’s come this weekend. So, it is about time to get the piggies set for winter.


This green box is awful to keep clean, but the bacteria that is decomposing poop and pee generates quite a bit of heat. The pigs are not living in their filth, mind you, I add fresh hay and straw on a daily basis. But, it is 10-20 degrees warmer in the box.

This means that their own waste is keeping them warm, and I need to generate this effect for the other guinea pig pens. They have Pig Igloos that do a very good job, but I want something off the ground and warmer. So, I am going to modify the winter box for feral cats for them. That would be a project for this week, now that I have finished my second hanging 8 foot rabbit cage.


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